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Discover Personal Growth and Healing at Mindpy

Discover Personal Growth and Lasting Change at Mindpy. Our Psychotherapists Newcastle provide tailored therapies for individuals and couples. Overcome challenges, nurture well-being, and unlock your potential with evidence-based ISTDP, Couples Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Neurofeedback, Sex Therapy, and Professional Development.

Empowering Lives through Compassionate Psychotherapy Services in Newcastle

Mindpy is a leading psychology practice serving the vibrant community of Newcastle and surrounding areas. With a commitment to promoting mental well-being and personal growth, our team of experienced psychotherapists offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based services. From ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) and Couples Therapy (PACT Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) to Somatic Therapy, Neurofeedback, Sex Therapy, and Professional Development, we provide tailored solutions to help you overcome challenges and thrive.

ISTDP Newcastle

The complexity of human suffering has led to the creation of numerous theories and therapeutic approaches, each of which captures a different aspect of the human condition. However, it's crucial to avoid oversimplifying this multifaceted issue by overly focusing on a single perspective. Today, researchers are developing more integrative psychotherapy models, such as Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), which consider multiple dimensions of the human psyche. These models, while proving effective in numerous studies, demand a significant shift in understanding and treating feelings, anxiety, and defence mechanisms, requiring a reinterpretation of these concepts in light of recent findings in ethology, biophysiology, and neuroscience.

ISTDP presents a unique challenge in understanding unconscious processes that often are not encoded in our verbal declarative memory and are not traditionally "repressed." Addressing these processes requires the use of non-interpretive techniques that focus on the present moment. Furthermore, ISTDP places an emphasis on attention and mindfulness, requiring patients to closely observe their feelings, anxieties, and defences. This can be a complex skill to develop, as it involves identifying triggers and understanding the defensive mechanisms that contribute to their suffering. The model further complicates the therapeutic process by suggesting that commonly recognised aspects of cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, and psychoanalysis, alongside avoidance tendencies, serve as defences that distract from self-awareness and can contribute to suffering.


About us

At Mindpy we believe that everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life, and we are here to walk alongside you, offering guidance, insights, and tools to help you navigate challenges and unlock your true potential.



Mindpy offer a diverse range of professional therapeutic interventions tailored to meet your unique needs. Our psychotherapists provide comprehensive approaches designed to support your mental well-being, personal growth, and relationship enhancement.


Who we work with

We work with individuals, couples, and professionals seeking support and guidance in their mental and emotional well-being. We welcome clients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and orientations, ensuring an inclusive and accepting environment.

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Creating a Safe and Confidential Haven for Healing and Growth

We take pride in providing a safe and confidential environment where individuals and couples can explore their inner world and find solace. Our empathetic psychotherapists offer a judgment-free space, fostering trust and open communication. We understand the unique needs of our diverse clientele and ensure that every session is conducted with utmost sensitivity. Rest assured that your privacy is of paramount importance to us, and all information shared within our practice remains strictly confidential.

Take the First Step: Book Your Appointment with Newcastle's Leading Psychotherapy Practice

When seeking professional support in Newcastle, booking an appointment with Mindpy is an essential step toward your well-being. Our skilled psychotherapists possess deep expertise in various therapeutic approaches and are dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles, enhance self-awareness, and develop effective coping mechanisms. By engaging in therapy with our compassionate team, you can gain valuable insights, navigate life's complexities, and experience personal growth that leads to lasting positive change.

About Mindpy

"We never break, although we imagine we are breaking. Our illusions break, and all our denial and all our demands cannot put our fantasies together again. And when our denial breaks, the grief and rage start to flow. In this outpouring, the fire of feelings doesn't burn us; it burns up our illusions."

Jon Fredrickson

“The therapist reveals to us the depths we feared and supports us while we bear them.”

Jon Fredrickson

“To heal, together we must embrace the formerly unbearable: reality and our feelings about it.”

Jon Fredrickson

"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways"

Sigmund Freud

"We choose not randomly each other. We meet only those who already exists in our subconscious"

Sigmund Freud

“This longing for a safe zone is one reason we pair up. However, partners - whether in a romantic relationship or committed friendship - fail to use each other as advocates and allies against all hostile forces. They don’t see the opportunities to make a home for one another, to create a safe place in which to relax and feel accepted, wanted, protected and cared for.”

Stan Tatkin


Empowering Your Growth: Understanding Our Methodology at Mindpy

The therapeutic process at Mindpy begins with an initial consultation, where our psychotherapists take the time to understand your specific concerns, background, and aspirations. Collaboratively, we develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses your needs holistically. Drawing from our expertise in ISTDP, Couples Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Neurofeedback, Sex Therapy, and Professional Development, we provide targeted interventions designed to promote growth and well-being. Through regular sessions, we work together to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and help you build a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Unparalleled Expertise and Personalised Care: Choose Mindpy for Psychotherapists Newcastle

At Mindpy, our psychology practice stands out in Newcastle due to our unwavering commitment to excellence and continual professional development. Our psychotherapists stay at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that you receive the latest evidence-based interventions tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in fostering a warm and inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel respected and understood. Our goal is to create an exceptional therapeutic experience that empowers you to embrace your journey of healing and transformation.

Tailored Therapy Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services to support your mental well-being and personal growth. Our dedicated team of  psychotherapists provides evidence-based therapies tailored to meet your unique needs. We are here to guide you on your transformative journey. Our commitment is to empower you with the tools and support necessary to navigate life's challenges and achieve lasting positive change.

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