I’m a Sexologist! There is no such thing as too much information…

We can talk about this, I do it all the time. I talk sex, I talk sex toys, I talk sex positions, I talk good sex , I talk bad sex, I talk eroticism, I talk sexual concerns, if it’s about sex I have you covered!

If your a cool island you might have learned that ‘sealed-off sex’ is your niche, but it probably doesn’t really create connections, and if your a warmer anxious type you might have found ‘solace sex’, you seek the emotional connection but your anxious in the bedroom and it messes things up for you too. Safety fosters a greater willingness to take a risk and to experiment, secure lovers are attuned to each other and fully immersed in the sexual encounter.

Our sexuality is with us from birth to death and it is unique for us all. If we have difficulties we might feel like we can’t talk about it, maybe we feel embarrassed or ashamed. As a sexologist, I can assure you there is nothing about your sexuality to feel ashamed of in any way. So if you have something you want to know or something that has been bothering you, come chat, we will work it out.

A note to the LGBTQIA Community

You all have a safe place in my practice, what ever you have experienced good or bad and where you are now, I will hold the space that keeps you safe for as long as you need me to be with you. If your part of our Transgender community and you are taking the journey to transition or your not sure if you want to take this journey, please come see me I will stand with you and together we will walk the path until what is right for you is right in front of you.

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