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We are dedicated to providing high-quality education and empowering individuals like you to expand their knowledge and skills in various areas of interest. Each course is thoughtfully crafted and facilitated by  an experienced team in their respective fields. We are committed to delivering engaging and interactive learning experiences that empower you to thrive in all aspects of your life. As part of our ongoing commitment to your growth, we regularly update and expand our course offerings.

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Finding Your Strength Through The Triangle Of Conflict

This short course introduces you and your staff to a powerful framework for understanding the dynamics of our emotional experiences and the unconscious defenses we employ to protect ourselves.

You will learn what are emotions are and the common barriers in approaching them, the importance of key emotions and the relationship emotions have to anxiety and defense mechanisms.

You will learn about your brain, the threat system , what to look for and how ignoring these important human signals can cost you personally and professionally.


Healthy Boundaries - Finding Potential

This course is designed to assist professionals and staff to feel empowered and protected connecting to their internal world, reaching understanding and capability in the experience and setting of healthy boundaries.

If you find yourself saying “Yes” to others and “No “ to you at the cost of your own well being or avoiding hard conversations then this course will benefit you professionally and personally.

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In Each Others Care

This course will provide a roadmap of connection between you and your staff or your staff and each other. In truth on average we spend more hours a year at work in relationship with colleagues than we do at home in relationship with family . One third of our life is spent at work. So these relationships matter and the success of your business can live or die by the culture and the care your staff feel towards each other.

In this course your staff and yourself will be guided to create ’Shared Rules of Governance” that build the capacity of a two person psychological system with a foundation of justice, fairness, equity and respect. We will assist you and your people to be in each others care whilst also caring for themselves.

You will all learn how human beings are threat animals  who have a highly sensitive threat detection system capable of lightening fast recognition of threat cues, gestures, postures, sounds, movements , voices, words and phrases. However, rather than square off and become adversaries why not learn the art of co-collaboration, true mutuality, cooperation and fairness.

Further information on these course can be obtained from Stephanie Lindsay through steph@mindpy.com.au

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