Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

I would first like to say that the big benefit of owning me for Steph is that I am soooo cute. I know this is true because all of you tell me so when you come to Mindpy for your appointments.

More than just being cute though if you own a dog you will soon realise we love you more than you love yourself. Also research shows we improve your cardiovascular health and increase your physical activity, which lowers cholesterol and decreases blood pressure, how good is that?

We teach you mindfulness and relieve your stress; the University of British Columbia did research by bringing in therapy dogs for 246 students.  These students after engaging with the dogs for a cuddle (I love a cuddle at Mindpy) reported a significant decrease in stress levels and an increase in happiness and higher energy levels.  Even 10 hours after the dogs left these students still felt less stress, less negative emotion and more supported than the other students who were not exposed to dogs.

We wish to acknowledge Psychology Today and Caren Osten for the information in this blog – thank you.


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