By becoming the expert in yourself through neuropsychobiological therapy, we can uncover what is needed for you to live the life you crave and have the relationships you desire.


Maybe you have always had a ‘short fuse’ or maybe you are just going through something difficult right now. Together we can understand what’s going on and figure out a path forward that will help you begin to experience the centredness and calm that creates the meaningful, fulfilling life you deserve.


We are not going to try to master your life, we are going to relax. Then we are going to learn together how to master one day for you and then we will repeat. Anxiety is truly a trick of the mind, it has a biological origin. Your amygdala is telling you there is a viable threat present, but that isn’t the truth. Once your fight or flight kicks in because of your amygdala misinterpreting threat, your body is flooded with cortisol and norepinephrine, it’s hard for you to control your anxiety from here.

Here is the secret, you don’t need to try to control it, you actually need to feel it. Let me teach you the skills to prevent that amygdala from firing off with false alarms.


Compulsive sexual behavior or unwanted alcohol or drug use, compulsive shopping, gambling, pick your poison it’s all the same. We seek to numb, to cope, to help us through difficult times in our lives. Shame, judgement, fear, confusion may be feelings that you hold and those feelings may be keeping you away from therapy and stuck in a place you desperately want to get out of.

Talking about these problematic coping skills can break the cycle of those heavy feelings. Your not faulty, or weak or bad, you are doing exactly what your brain is wired to do, come see me and I will show you how you got to where you are and how to get out of where you are.

Together we can come up with a plan to help you feel more confident and in control of your life.

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