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Family Therapy - Mindpy

Call it a clan, call it a tribe, call it a network, call it a family: whatever you call it, you need it to thrive.

Happy families talk and not just about the small stuff, the stories of our lives are what binds families together. It is the King and Queen (analogy for parents, so sometimes it’s the Kings or the Queens, all equally important), that hold the power to happy children and happy families. If everyone who lives in the castle, look up and see the King and Queen are safe then everyone is safe.

Your family is unique it can never be replicated, sometimes the road gets bumpy and the family feels missatuned with each other, come on in and let me help you retune the beauty of the music of family. I’ll teach you about the stories that bind us and the family dinner project!

Let’s Talk

Jennifer Dziwulski

0415 995 615


50 Dora Street Mayfield NSW 2304

Matthew Choat

0435 151 734


50 Dora Street Mayfield NSW 2304

Stephanie Lindsay

0422 631 240


50 Dora Street Mayfield NSW 2304

Let’s Talk

50 Dora St Mayfield NSW 2304